Thursday, August 11, 2016


Whether you are a weekend traveller or a recognized business fleet owner, basic car maintenance is not that difficult as you think about. Don’t navigate any further because here are some tips which are as simple as using a lubricant to safeguard your vehicle from rusting. We have made it much simpler and easier for you by explaining the do’s for exterior and interior care separately.


Window and Windshield Care
Taking good care of your vehicle implies that it is indeed essential to take care of your windows and windscreen. In case if you miss doing this on a regular basis, you are sure to face problems which hamper safety and increase the costs of repairing or replacing the windshield. Nobody wants to spend his hard-earned money on an asset which is always dear to his heart. For windscreens, it is recommended to dampen the glass surface with water mixed with a small amount of shampoo or soap to give a finish to the glass for the wipers to do its task smoothly. In order to protect the windows from the heat, park your car in shade or in a sheltered environment. Solvents included in online car care products adds on to a better finish.

Wheel Care
It’s the wheels that enhance the aesthetic looks of the car. It’s often observed that alloy wheels which used to shine when you bought your car, would put you down when dirt accumulates on them. The other reason could possibly be due to brake dust buildup. Consider washing the wheels with warm water and detergent for best results. Use a soft cloth wipes the wheels dry. For residues which have adhered and can’t be removed easily, a tar, as well as a bug remover, should be used. If you are always on the move to distant destinations, then avoid driving on kerbs. This increases the chances of wear and tear of wheels.

Simple Tips for car polishing
Why let your car go unnoticed when it makes you feel proud and worth owning it? A smooth polish would help you do away with scratches, stains, and paint imperfections. Once you have washed the car with clean water, gently run a polish wheel on its metallic surfaces and wash the car all over again with water and wipe it dry by using a soft towel. It’s important to ensure that traces of polish in locks, door gaps, and crevices are wiped before you go ahead with the waxing process. If you are searching for a cleaning kit, then you should browse through online car care products.


Engine Maintenance Tips
Just like our heart, the engine is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. It’s actually possible for a novice to check the level of oil and the coolant in your engine. Situated at the side of the engine bay, the white semi-transparent bottle etched with ‘high’ or ‘low’ markings help to determine the coolant level. Never remove the lid of the radiator. In case if the vehicle is not cooled down, you hands might get burned due to pressure release. When the care has been parked, pulling the dipstick, wiping it clean and placing it back will help you measure the quantity of oil.

Tips for Battery Maintenance
Almost all cars which flaunt a contemporary design run on a 12V negative ground electrical system. Ensure that the terminals or contacts of the battery are clean, otherwise, you might lose some of the functionality due to discontinuity of the current flow. Once you have removed the terminal caps, clean each contact post with the help of a wire brush for effective transmission of electrical charge. Once again while reattaching the terminal make sure you have cleaned the terminal caps too. Remember, while disconnecting the battery, the negative terminal should be removed first. The reverse should be done while establishing a connection.

Tips for lights
If you think that one indicator is flashing at a faster rate than the other, then it’s time to contact an auto spare parts store. When you have purchased a bulb from the experts, the comprehensive manual would help you install the bulb. A bulb holder is provided to hold the bulbs during replacement. Use hand gloves to avoid skin burns.

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